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Gönderen: Bates
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Your organization is invited to the trade mission to Europe, run as part of the 2022 Go Global Awards.

This event is organized by the International Trade Council and the Estonian Business and Innovation Agency. 500 participating organizations from across the globe will meet together in Estonia and have the opportunity to connect with one another, learn about doing business globally, gain international exposure for their organizations, meet with potential partners, source new products and/or services and find investment opportunities.

Delegates will get the opportunity to:
– Participate in B2B and B2G meetings
– Engage in a collaborative, high-level, trade and investment discussions with other CEO's from across the globe.
– Pitch your business live in front of other high-level executives from across the globe.
– Potentially win a Go Global Award!

Dates: 19th – 21st October 2022
Location: Tallinn, Estonia
Venue: Raddison Hotel, Tallinn

To learn more please visit https://www.estoniatrademission.org
To learn about the Go Global Awards please visit https://www.goglobalawards.org

There are no charges for the program at all. Delegates pay their own travel and accommodation expenses.

Priority visa processing is available for approved delegates who are without an existing Schengen Visa or who are are not eligible for a visa-on-arrival.

Please submit applications online before the 15th August 2022.


International trade isn’t simply about the importing or exporting of products (or services). Transactions cannot happen without trust, and trade missions are an important conduit to build and facilitate relationships between decision-makers who would otherwise not get the chance to meet. Participating in the Trade Mission to Europe, as part of the Go Global Awards, is a great opportunity to showcase your organization, to learn about new innovations globally, to access new avenues to do business; and meet new suppliers, buyers and investors.

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